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As a Member of the AM Coalition (, you are invited to shape the topics, focus and format of our annual public Forums, join us for our closed, member-only, AM Coalition Roundtables with key Government officials, industry leaders, and academic experts, and ad hoc policy coffees with Congressional staff.

The AM Coalition presents a holistic view of additive manufacturing for the larger AM community. Together, we engage and educate manufacturing and research policy leaders across the Federal government. As AM penetrates across more sectors and markets, it will continue to be a disruptive technology that will likely be met with challenges and possibly even opposition. The AM Coalition stands ready to serve as a voice in support of all that additive manufacturing has to offer across national security, health, information technology and so much more.

Membership Categories
Companies, Annual dues - $5,000
Small Businesses (less than 20 employees), Annual dues - $2,500
Academic Organizations, Annual dues - $2,500
Non-profit Organizations, Annual dues - $2,500

Membership allows unlimited representatives from your organization to participate in AM Coalition events and activities. Supplemental conferences, workshops and sponsorships are planned and designed for additional opportunities to participate with a fee. We can also design events specifically for you to raise awareness of issues and programs most important to your organization.

Benefits of Membership include:
•Invitations to quarterly policy, operational and business issue Lunch Forums with key decision-makers, including Members ofCongress, key House and Senate staff, WhiteHouse, DOD, and other agency officials;

•Inaugural AM Coalition Members will be announced at all AM Coalition Forums during2021;

•Included in quarterly invitation-only policy roundtables with key decision-makers;

•Regular updates on key Federal policies;

•Participate in advocacy efforts in support of laws, regulations, and policies that support theAM community;

•Up to three representatives per member included in Annual "fly-in" lobby days to educate and advocate before Members of Congress and their staff (Additional representatives may participate for the regular fly-in fees. This doesn't include travel, room or board for any participants. Beginning Spring 2022.);

•Included in quarterly meetings with AM CoalitionLeadership to discuss future events, activities, policy topics and policy issues to be considered for advocacy;

•Members will be listed on AM Coalition’s website with a link to Member’s website.

AM Coalition Lunch Forums 2021-2022 The AM Coalition will host Capitol Hill Forums (currently Live Virtual Forums) with key leaders and experts. The following list are brief descriptions of potential Forums for 2021-2022. We are able to add additional Forums, Round Tables, Workshops and Tech Expos, as appropriate to raise awareness and build interest in the value of additive manufacturing. If you have an idea for an event, please let us know—we will work with you to make it happen.

Note: We are seeking sponsors for each of our Forums. Each primary sponsor will have the opportunity to make introductory remarks or to play a 2-minute video at the Forum and will be acknowledged as appropriate in marketing materials. Members of Congress—Hearing from Our Elected Officials on Additive Manufacturing •Members of Congress from key AM states will provide an overview on policies, opportunities and challenges —domestically and internationally—for the AM community


Value of Additive Manufacturing

•Panel 1—Senior DoD and other AgencyOfficials

•Panel 2—Industry, Academia and other experts

Skilled Workforce Needs for Additive Manufacturing AM Designers and Developers
•Panel 1—DOD, DOE and other AgencyOfficials
•Panel 2—University, trade school, or union official(s)

A View from the Hill—An Authorizers and Appropriators Perspective on the Importance of Additive Manufacturing
•Panel—House and SenateAuthorizing/Appropriating Committee Staff

Best Science and Technology—Need for R&D at National Labs, Universities and Industry
--Includes Tech Demonstration
•Panel 1—DOD and NNSA Officials
•Panel 2—R&D Experts

Application of Additive Manufacturing for a Specific Purpose—Health and Human Prosthetics
•Panel 1—Health and Human Services Official
Panel 2—University, Medical Device IndustryRepresentative, and affected individual that relies on prosthetics or other man-made human parts.

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