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Research Funding

Additive Manufacturing is a leading-edge technology that requires significant investment by the federal government in order to ensure that America remains competitive on the global market.  

Additive Manufacturing also has the potential to significantly lower the energy footprint required by creating the capability to rapidly print parts on location, either at the assembly plant or at the repair depot.  This technology enables companies to print parts on-demand reducing warehousing and transportation costs, and enables the Department of Defense to shorten downtime for key military assets by enabling replacement parts to be accessed directly.  

However, the underpinning of this capability is the continued investment by the federal science agencies (NSF, DOE, DOD and NIST) to create and improve additive manufacturing technologies.  These investments enable the U.S. to create ever more reliable and capable systems which will support our nation's economy and defense.

Each year, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy puts out its annual R&D Priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. Below is the R&D Priorities for FY 24.

FY24 R&D Priorities

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