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2020 Year in Review



Dear Additive Manufacturers,


Sending a big, big thank you for your interest and support!


As this extraordinary year comes to a close, we’ve paused to take stock of our extraordinary accomplishments in 2020.  We’ve been busy with 4 online webinars and meetings, legislative provisions protecting additive manufacturers, and official incorporation!  This work would not have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of the additive manufacturing community. 

We began the year working to organize the coalition, attending meetings, and getting to know people in the community.  As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all things interactive slowed down.  Quickly recognizing that there was a need to disseminate information about the federal CARES Act legislation and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), we launched our first online briefing.  The first briefing focused on how small businesses could access the PPP program, and the second briefing presented a representative of the Small Business Administration who helped small businesses learn how to file for benefits under the CARES Act and answered questions from our audience.


Those discussions and requests from the community led to the AM Coalition’s next online briefing – which was a discussion of how the Additive Manufacturing Community responded to the call for emergency assistance with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ventilators, and other life-saving devices.  We identified a potential liability exposure for companies who stepped outside of their normal business lines to produce PPE and other urgently needed items.  This exposure was caused by the manner in which the federal government had implemented the PREP Act.  The PREP Act was passed years ago by Congress to enable a swift response to a crisis, a part of which was the ability of the government to provide established liability protections for companies and individuals who step forward to help.  Unfortunately, because the federal implementation relied on each jurisdiction having a properly worded emergency declaration (which some states never did), the protections provided by the PREP act vary by jurisdiction.  Making matters worse, it didn’t matter where the company was located, but where the items ended up that controlled the liability exposures.  As a result of our briefing with Congressional staff, there has been a provision included in multiple Covid-19 relief bills.  The AM Coalition will continue to monitor this provision and seek to ensure it is included in an enacted bill


Our final briefing of the year was with leaders of additive manufacturing federal programs, including  representatives from the National Institute of Science and Technology (U.S. Department of Commerce) NIST, TACOM (U.S. Army), Oak Ridge National Laboratory and America Makes. Each gave updates on their programs and the extent to which the pandemic had modified their program goals and achievements for the year.  It was a robust discussion with extensive information about where things are headed.  A video of this final meeting and the legal liability session are available on our website at:


Finally, the Additive Manufacturing Coalition completed the process of incorporating and is presently in the process to become a 501c(6) Trade Association.  While the process with the IRS can take six months, we are now authorized to accept our founding members.  We look forward to 2021, working with the new Biden Administration and the 117th Congress.  We hope that you will join us as we work to represent the entire Additive Manufacturing Community in Washington, D.C. 


Thank you to the entire additive manufacturing community for your support and enthusiasm.


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy, and productive 2021.




Lisa Arafune                               Mark Burnham                                      L. David Cherington

Director of Outreach                 Director of Policy                                   Executive Director       

September 21, 2020 - COVID & Additive Manufacturing Certification and Validation:  How has COVID-19 impacted AM?  Lessons Learned and Opportunities Discovered. 

The Additive Manufacturing Coalition held a zoom briefing to discuss how the Additive Manufacturing community has handled the COVID pandemic - impacts on the research and development of AM technologies, as well as experiences stepping forward to fill the gaps for the production of PPE and other necessary items to help the nation respond to the pandemic.  The discussion was a wide-ranging discussion across several federal agencies and organizations.  This five star panel included:

Craig Blue - Director EERE Programs - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Phil Burton - Program Manager Additive Manufacturing TACOM

Joe Kott - Lead - Additive Manufacturing - Ground Vehicle Systems Center TACOM

John Wilczynski - Executive Director- America Makes

Paul Witherell - Life Cycle Engineering Group - NIST

July 13, 2020 - Joint Congressional Briefing on PREP Act Protections for Additive Manufacturers

The Additive Manufacturing Coalition held a joint briefing with the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus on liability protections for additive manufacturers who stepped up to produce PPE for front-line health care workers.  The briefing for Congressional staff was designed to both highlight the manner in which additive manufacturers responded to the pandemic by producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of health care workers during the pandemic, as well as to express the need for liability protections under the PREP Act be applied consistently across the U.S.  

Speakers included:

Heidi Hertel, Founder of Fitz Frames ( spoke about the role her company is playing in providing eye protection during the pandemic.

Shaun Troxler - Associate General Counsel - North Carolina State University - spoke on the efforts at the university to respond to the pandemic as well as the legal considerations and concerns they had and steps they took to protect the institution from future litigation.

Erik Swanholt - Partner Foley and Lardner, LLC - gave a presentation on the PREP Act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act) and how the implementation of the Act has created an inconsistent application of the law across the country. 

View the recording of the briefing here:  

April 29, 2020 - Small Business Administration Briefing on the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) for the Additive Manufacturing Coalition

On Wednesday, April 29th, Thomas Scith, SBA Deputy Director for North Carolina gave a briefing on the PPP program for members of the Additive Manufacturing Coalition.  The session included extensive Q & A regarding the process for applying and utilizing the PPP loan program in response to the COVID -19 pandemic.




April 3, 2020 - Additive Manufacturing Coalition: LIVE Virtual Conference on CARES Act - Understanding the Small Business Provisions of the Stimulus Bill

On April 3rd, the Additive Manufacturing hosted its first formal briefing on the small business provisions of the CARES Act.  This was our first opportunity to share our knowledge with members of the Additive Manufacturing Coalition regarding important news from Congress.  While not specifically related to additive manufacturing, we felt it was appropriate to accelerate our formal engagement with the community to address an important item of need.  The hour-long session included a detailed discussion of the CARES Act, including the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and the call for the creation of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to support first responders.

October 23. 2019  Additive Manufacturing Coalition Team attend MMX

The Additive Manufacturing Coalition Team attended America Makes' Members Meeting and Exchange in Youngstown, OH October 21-23. MMX was well attended and we had numerous discussions with practitioners researchers and federal officials about the goals of the Coalition.