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The challenges of the House Republicans to solidify around a single candidate for Speaker of the House continue to grow. House Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives by a very slim margin, and Rep Keith McCarthy needs almost all Republicans to vote for him to be Speaker. Unlike party leadership roles which are voted on exclusively by the party, the Speaker is voted on by the entire House, leading to speculation that Rep. McCarthy will either have to make a deal with the Freedom Caucus which supports the Trump agenda, or possibly with Democrats to find a way to get enough votes to become Speaker. There has also been speculation that someone else could be named speaker such as Rep Steve Scalise or former Rep Fred Upton. This won't get resolved until early January...but we will be watching closely.

Welcome to the Emerging Issues Page. We are looking at the next Congress being split between Democrats in the Senate and Republicans in the House. While very little agreement will be found between the two chambers, one thing that generally unites both sides of the aisle is making sure America has the ability to produce goods and keep the supply chain rolling. Looking for a robust discussion this week on the Members only call on Wednesday, November 30th at 3pm eastern. Be sure to sign up on the events page...

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